Short 2d Animation

In a Flash!!!

I just had this little idea one day to make a short animation for dusshehra but I am not an animator so obviously it was better to leave it alone. Three days ago I was working on something and I just thought that I can do it in Flash, a software that I think the whole world has sort of abandoned after the drop of AS from web world. I didn’t even knew I had it installed but I had. So it was time to actually doing it. I made some rough doodles to visualize the characters then made the characters in Illustrator, broke everything off in layers and kept it very simple as I had just two days left before dusshehra. A happy dusshehra video after dusshehra would not make any sense.

I opened flash after almost five years and I felt the software was kind of surprised by my sudden visit. I think it sort of complained to me for first hour or two but then like a good friend forgot everything else and joined me on our two day long animation journey. There is nothing exciting in the video itself, it is very rough sort of amateurish too and there were many things that I didn’t do because of the time constrain but I enjoyed it. Actually we enjoyed it, I would have abandoned the project mid way like many I have done before if it wasn’t for my wife. She took a great interest in this little project and she gave me tons of acting ideas and she held it altogether. It was a great thing to work together as a team and build something. It made our bond a little bit stronger. If the animation brings a bit of smile on your faces then our work is done. The most wonderful thing about this little journey was that the short animation that I started but WE finished, in a flash.