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Welcome to Misfits N Crazies

We are India based video production house & marketing agency fused into one, dedicated to create quality content for corporate, entertainment and commercial sectors. We specialize in corporate films, corporate video production, film production, TV commercials, motion graphics, video editing and a lot more.

Why Your
Brand Needs

The answer is simple, Constant Growth. Growth is the single most important goal for a brand. But how can you expect continuous growth from your advertisement solutions if they are not evolving with the world.
Video Production in Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Punjab - Misfits N Crazies
We are committed to design ideas for you that are simple yet powerful. It doesn't matter whether you are getting a corporate video, a TV commercial or a facebook ad from us, we approach it all with one thing in our mind, how our audience is going to like it.
There are a million ways to express something, we simply choose the ones that are the most impressive. In today's world everyone's attention span is shrinking by the day so it is absolutely necessary for us to make things that can grab and hold audiences' attention for you. We consistently bring innovative ideas to the table and can execute them in whatever way you need, whether it is a Corporate Video or Corporate Film, TV Ad, Branding, Motion Graphics, Web Commercials or Viral Videos.
In the end there is only one thing that can earn you loyal customers or partners, your expression. If they don't get what you are trying to say through your content then it is all for nought. Hence it is adamant for us to serve you ideas in the form of print design, CG images, photography, videos and motion graphics that impress and express at the same time.


The recent smart phone revolution has opened up a whole new world for marketers. There are countless new platforms with numerous options to sell your product, whether its facebook, youtube, twitter or instagram. All of these innovations have made online marketing sound very simple but extremely baffling, cause in the end it is not about how many likes you can get, it is about how many of those likes are actually converted into sales.
So it's time, to reformulate your online promotion strategy. Call us now and let our marketing team devise an online marketing plan that is best suited to you and makes the most out of every single penny you spend.

Video Production, at its best!

We are folks who are passionate for art, creativity and innovation, and we are experienced enough to mix these three to design ideas that does not only impress but express as well. With careful evaluation we find out exactly what your project needs and how to deliver it, and that is why each and every one of our production service is firstly and most importantly, accurate. Because we believe that it is easy to create something, but what is difficult is, to create content that really works.
This is how we approach -

  • Concept Development

    What are the project's needs and goals?

    If you don't have a concept already then we will sit out with you and chalk out a great concept that will tell your story and achieve marketing goals as well. We believe in creating long term associations with our clients that is why we do not force them to spend anything other than what is needed, for example if a simple motion graphic promo can serve you better than we will never push you towards a costly TV commercial or more.

  • Script Writing

    Who is our audience and how our videos will touch them?

    Once we have an initial one liner then it is time to create an impeccable script that connects with your intended audience. We think that bold rejection is the only way to create a great script, and we reject tons of ideas, hundereds of dialogues, thousands of words before finalizing anything.

  • Pre Production

    How much time, talent and resources are neccessary?

    Budget is a very important factor in any type of production, that is why we plan for almost every eventuality that is humanly control, to make sure that your video production does not go out of the assigned budget.

  • Production

    How to bring the storyboard to life?

    This is the day when every piece of the puzzle should fall in place and produce a great moving picture, but we don't leave anything on shoul and could and might. We bring in the masters, right from lightman to production designer and to director, each and every person in our team brings the same amount of commitment and passion on the table.

  • Post Production

    How to transform the great looking footage into a story?

    Video Editing, Visual Effects, Graphic Overlays, Color Correction, Video Finishing and DI, we don't leave any stone unturned to weave those great looking shots into a compelling story. We understand and live by the aesthetics of film, that is why we keep looking at the bigger picture and how everything must be balanced to be a part of it.

No matter whether you need to refurbish your brand or you need a single creative service, we treat all of it with the same passion and commitment. We provide advertising and production services all across India, but we are strongly active in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Punjab region. For more information on our service area visit our Areas Covered page.

Our Clients

Beat Your Competition

Whether you agree with us or not, it is true that your competition is getting stiffer and harder day by day. People are using countless multimedia techniques to strengthen the brand consumer relationship one way or another. With almost every major businesses moving online, one thing is clear, the market has evolved and you will have to evolve with it if you want see your brand grow every day.
A newspaper ad is not enough, a TV commercial is not enough and only facebook marketing is not enough, you need a customized solution that ensures 360 degree coverage and brings you the business you deserve.

What our clients has to say