Media Buying

At Misfits N Crazies, Media Buying is not about getting you the best ad placements with minimum budget, it is about exploring new advertisement avenues and bringing you results that you haven't even imagined yet. It is also about exploring new opportunities to keep attracting more consumers and in turn more business. Media Buying begins with planning out a Digital Media strategy and then executing it with negotiating and acquiring optimal media channels.

We understand that media practice and consumptions are evolving continuously, especially in India, where more and more people are coming online, and being a part of the Social Media wave. Whether on one hand this has opened up exciting new opportunities for businesses, on the other it has also brought new challenges as well. Like what type of advertisement to chose from? Whether to opt for Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Youtube Video Ad? Misfits N Crazies provide answer to those questions and get you Media Buying Solutions that performs.

What, How & How Much?

All Media Buying Solutions have these questions at its core. What media option to go for? How to buy it? and How much money should be spent? We put a great effort in helping you choose the best media platform for you. From traditional media platforms like TV, Newspapers, Radio and Outdoor Media to newest online platforms like Facebook Advertising, Youtube, and Google Ads, we keep exploring all these options to ensure that your word reach out to not just everyone but your prospective consumers precisely.

With continuous data tracking and analysis, we keep tweaking your marketing plan. We gather continuous feedback directly and indirectly to know what is working and what is not and we share this data on a regular basis to make you marketing campaign a huge success.

Watch the following video to better understand our Media Buying & Planning Solutions :

Accurate Media Buying Solutions

No More unnecessary advertising, spend your budget where it matters most and reach your potential customers, with our Media Buying and Planning services.