Channel Packaging

Channel packaging is to TV channel what fashion is to clothing, it is all about putting your best foot forward. A clean and vibrant graphic package creates the mood and help your audience be a part of the unique viewing experience provided through your content. At Misfits N Crazies we give your TV channel the unique look and feel which is in sync with the channel's vision, mission and USP. We use a unified colour scheme and aesthetics to design all the elements and seamlessly integrate them in your timeline to create the most wonderful viewing experience :

Our core graphic design team has provided fresh broadcast quality graphics to a number of TV networks in India and overseas as well. Designing channel graphics is not that tough, but the challenge is in creating graphics that holds viewer's attention and makes way for your content, we can easily say that over the years we have accumulated the knowledge and skills to do exactly that. We combine the innovation of our designs with our marketing and communication insights to provide the graphics that helps in putting your TV channel in league with the big networks.

We at Misfits N Crazies know that TV channels are no longer limited to Cable network or DTH alone, and internet has grown a separate branch of viewers, that is why we provide you content that is optimized for TVs, computers, tabs and smart phones too. Along with providing your TV channel with a unique channel packaging, we also provide broadcast promos, web commercials, 3d animation, motion graphics, title design, video finishing and post production services as well.

Give your TV channel a unique look with our impeccable channel packaging designs,
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Bold and fresh Channel Packaging to astonish your viewers

Having a channel packaging is essential, especially having the one that celebrates your TV channel's uniqueness while holding people's attention and opens them up to embrace your content.