Corporate Identity

Building a brand is not an easy task, it often takes a lot of continuous effort and resources to transform a name into a brand. Corporate identity design is a big part of brand building, it includes designing a logo for the company and adapting a particular colour scheme and fonts, that would be used across all print design, branding, media and corporate communication profiles :

A neat and clean corporate identity is a must for all businesses, it is in fact your first impression, and it represent strength and solidity of your company. A modern corporate design carries a brand on its shoulders, that is why we put a lot of time and effort in defining your company's vision and mission into an impressive corporate identity. We prefer to work from scratch when it comes to building something as crucial and important as corporate identity, but sometimes companies prefer to keep their old logos and colours etc. So if you already have a logo designed and want to carry it forward, we can do it too. We have successfully helped many organizations in refurbishing their brand by giving creating them a corporate identity incorporating previously designed elements. We use multiple design and aesthetics to ensure that each and every thing from your corporate identity design, whether its business cards, brochure, letterheads or folders, or other contemporary wearable mediums like t-shirts, mugs, caps, wrist bands etc., they should all carry the same colour theme and typo that in turn provide a basis for a successful brand.

Give your company a look and feel of the future, get a contemporary corporate identity design,
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Redefine your company's outlook with a clean and vibrant corporate identity design

Getting the right look is imperative if you want to position your company amongst the market leaders. That is why at Misfits N Crazies we provide you contemporary corporate identity designs that can and will continue to impress people.

"Whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely "

Scott Adams