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What does success means for a product, a service or a brand? Undeniably, it is sales. No matter which marketing plan you are exercising, in the end it all needs to translate in absolute sales. And that is where you need an explainer video. An explainer video can be used across multiple platforms like web, social media, TV, and outdoor media as well.

Explainer videos can communicate, convince and influence any type of audience with in just minutes. At Misfits N Crazies we ideate with you to form your unique brand story and then build a creative explainer video upon that story. We do not limit our creativity to any single medium, depending upon your need, we figure out the best way to deliver your USP, whether by animation, typography, white board, motion graphics or video.

According to a recent HubSpot article, 58 percent of B2B buyers watched videos during 2014 while researching a purchasing decision and 95 percent of buyers said they preferred shorter formats for. In other words, the majority of buyers want access to well-crafted explainer videos.

Tell your story through an Explainer Video and guide your customers in reaching a better decisions,
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