Documentaries are the most honest and truthful form storytelling, we at Misfits N Crazies keep that in mind while producing a documentary for corporate, TV channels and commercial sectors. A quality documentary is the most efficient tool to cover a subject from its outer boundaries to its core. That is essentially why a great deal of effort is put in concept development stages alone to ensure that we get an accurate yet crisp script to carry the narrative of our documentary.

Our production team consists of creative experienced individuals that does not only bring fresh ideas to the table, but also like to take calculative risks when it comes to actual shooting. We like to keep ourselves updated in terms of equipment and technology, from shooting aerial footage to extremely complicated technical animations, we bring you a plethora of creative services so that we strikes a home run with each and every bit of audio visual presentation we produce :

The most important aspect of any type of visual communication is holding viewer's attention, a short film does the job quiet easily but on the flipside it becomes extremely difficult when it comes to long documentaries. We at misfits N Crazies work diligently to weave the magic with the help of our cinematic visuals, sharp editing, appealing graphics, and film level music scoring to make your documentary a unique experience.

Have a unique story to share with the world? Share it with the compelling narrative of a documentary,
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Documentary, The story that narrates itself

From a success story of a corporation to a music tour and from an inspiring tale of an NGO to a dream wedding, a documentary can help you share all of these different chapters in your life with the world.

"When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear."

Alfred Eisenstaedt