Launch Videos

You have come up with an amazing product, you have invested a lot of time and money in doing so, and most probably a big part of your future is depending upon its success. So will you leave anything on chance while introducing your product to the world? If the answer is no then we do not need to tell you how crucial a launch video is for a product. We at Misfits N Crazies bring together diverse elements to make launch videos that help you build a positive aura before unveiling your product :

We do not believe in bombarding the stage screen with irrelevant information, we believe in achieving the right balance of emotion and functionality, and that is why 3d animations, motion graphics, green screen videos, typography and a lot more of audio visual elements come together to connect the audience with your product on a visceral level. We help you show the world why your product is necessary and how it is going to change their lives, and we do not stop before we help you achieve that, because we know that you can only launch a product once.

We also provide integrated marketing solutions to help you create and hold the buzz with pre and post media coverage, viral videos, facebook advertising, TV advertisement, newspaper ads, broadcast promos and many more.

Introduce your product with the help of a grand launch video,
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Ready, Steady, Launch Video

You have developed a unique product and now it is time to introduce it to the world. We can get you a launch video that speaks volumes about your product and provide the perfect build up for you to raise the curtain.

"Whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely."

Scott Adams