Publicity Events

In today's day and age, diversifying one's approach to marketing and communication is more than necessary. Our integrated marketing solutions give you ton of out of box ideas and unique approach to make your product a big hit with all of your intended consumer base. From introducing your product through direct marketing in societies and supermarkets to PR events, public interaction in malls and press conferences, we provide multiple choices customized as per your requirements.

Any marketing communication device mostly has multiple goals to reach but the most important one is building a positive image for a product. We at Misfits N Crazies help you achieve it by designing small and large scale events that provide your intended consumers with firsthand information of your product or service, why they need it and why it works.

Our marketing team has accumulated numerous valuable contacts in media, this helps us in providing pre and post event coverage with newspaper articles, TV news, parallel radio shows and online marketing as well.

Make your product a huge hit with a series of unique publicity events,
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Publicity worth millions without spending million

Our unique publicity events help you connect with your consumers on an emotional level and give your brand a huge advantage in terms of building positive brand image and awareness, on top of that our publicity event can also help you generate sales through direct and indirect approaches.

"Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks."

Yo-Yo Ma