Mobile Content

Mobile videos are more intimate and user centric, which means a mobile video should have more context with content and it should also invoke some interest on a personal level. Developing mobile content demand the combination of creativity and technology, you got an amazing video but it is not actually playing on smart phone or it is playing but is so terribly compressed and full of artefacts.

At Misfits N Crazies we develop mobile content that obviously has our signature visual quality and is optimized for smart phones and tablets too. We do not only design custom wallpapers, screen savers and promotional videos for Whatsapp we also undertake the strategic placement and publishing of the content.

Whatsapp videos are latest tool best suitable for indirect marketing. Your logo beneath a simple greeting or an inspirational quote can etch your company's name in the subconscious of your customers. Or a funny animation can bring joy and spread brand awareness at the same time. We believe in moving with the time, and times have changed, you cannot expect huge results with a conservative approach, you need to diversify your marketing communication plans and incorporate new user centric medias like mobile videos and mobile content in it.

We have also introduced video seeding services to ensure that your mobile videos does also go viral on each and every social networking platform available, paid and free alike. Visit our Video Seeding page for a detailed look on how it works.

Small videos that garner big results, spread your brand on the largest consumer platform on the planet,
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Make it big on small screens

Smart phones have taken the world by storm and it is time that you ride that storm with quality mobile content. Get wallpapers, screen savers, and Whatsapp videos to ensure 360 degree coverage for your brand.

"Anything can change because the smartphone revolution is still in the early stages."

Tim Cook